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Glass £3.99 | Pitcher £7.99


Rum Punch

Bacardi Carta Blanca and Captain Morgan Spiced mixed with passionfruit juice and mango purée and topped with a lime wedge

Fruit Salad

Smirnoff Red, Melon Midori and Blue Curaçao topped with Schweppes Lemonade and orange juice

Purple Rain

Blue Curaçao mixed with Sourz Cherry and topped with Schweppes Lemonade and a lemon wedge

The Pornstar

Absolut Vanilia, passionfruit juice and mango purée, topped with Schweppes Lemonade and a lime wedge

Sex on the Beach

Smirnoff Red, Archers, cranberry juice and orange juice


Jack Daniel’s, Disaronno and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Woo Woo

Smirnoff Red, Archers and cranberry juice

Mali Woo

Malibu mixed with Archers Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice

Strawberry Spritzer

Sweet Revenge Wild Strawberry Liqueur and Schweppes Lemonade with sliced strawberries

Double Vodka Red Bull (Glass £4.49 | Pitcher £8.99)

A double Smirnoff Red with a can of Red Bull Energy or Red Bull Sugarfree

(100ml vodka)


Fancy Something Different?

Try 0% Alcohol


Glass £2.99


Apple-Berry Spritz

Cranberry juice and apple juice topped with soda and a lime wedge

Citrus Fizz

Schweppes Bitter Lemon mixed with orange juice and served with a lemon wedge

Passionfruit Cooler

Passionfruit juice and mango purée topped with Schweppes Lemonade and a lime wedge


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