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Cheers To That


Captain Morgan Dark 40%

Reminiscent of a classic navy rum, dark and full-bodied

Bacardí Carta Blanca 37.5%

Vanilla and almond notes with a distinctive smoothness

Bacardí Carta Fuego 40%

Mixed with natural spices for a bold flavour with a hint of smokiness

Captain Morgan Spiced 35%

A secret blend of Caribbean rums, golden in colour with a smooth flavour

Kraken 40%

Infused with a blend of 11 spices. Strong, rich, black and smooth


NEW: RedLeg Spiced 37.5%

A premium Caribbean rum infused with Jamaican vanilla, ginger, and spices to create smooth flavour

NEW: The Duppy Share 40%

Golden Caribbean rum from the islands of Jamaica and Barbados*

*Makes the best rum & cola

Served With A Mixer Of Your Choice