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What else can you get for £1 these days? Choose any small meal for £1, or any large meal for £1.50 from the Children's menu. Up to two children can eat for £1 with every full paying adult.


Pick 'n' mix meal – Choose a main + sunny side + veggie
1. Pick one small main

Perfect For Up To 8 Years


Super Sausages

2 pork sausages or Quorn™ sausages served with optional gravy

 Omega-3 fish fingers

3 breaded fish fingers

 Hot dog

Pork sausage or Quorn™ sausage in a finger roll

Roasted chicken breast

Sliced chicken fillet

Chunky chicken nuggets

4 chicken nuggets

2oz* Beef Burger

With lettuce in a seeded bun. Served with fries and a mini corn on the cob


or Large main

Perfect For Over 8's


Smothered chicken

Chicken fillet in tomato sauce topped with melted cheese

Chunky chicken nuggets

6 chicken nuggets served with fries and peas

Omega-3 fish fingers

5 breaded fish fingers served with fries and peas

Double cheesy burger

Two 2oz* beef burgers with cheese and lettuce in a seeded bun

Cheese & tomato pizza

Deep dish pizza


2. Choose one sunny side

Sunshine Rice (v)

Mini Jacket Spud (v)

4 Garlic ciabatta fingers (v)

Chips (v)

Mashed potato (v)

3. Choose one veggie

Crunchy Veggie Sticks (v)

Mini Corn on the Cob (v)

Carrots (v)

Baked Beans (v)

Peas (v)

Add a pud & deal drink – only £2 extra
Small Meals - Perfect for up to 8 years

Tomato pasta

Pasta tubes in a tomato sauce

Roast beef dinner

Hand-carved roast beef served with mashed potato, peas and gravy

Cheese & Tomato Pizza (v)

Deep dish pizza with your choice of veggie


Large meals – perfect for over 8s

D.I.Y. Wrapper

Veggie sticks, grated cheese, tomato dip and sour cream served with soft flour tortillas with your choice of: Slices of chicken fillet, Pork & carrot meatballs OR Quorn sausage (v)

Build Your Own Pasta (v)

Pasta, tomato sauce, peas and grated cheese for you to mix in your own way! Served with garlic ciabatta. Add a topping for just £1 extra! Choose: Slices of chicken fillet, 6 pork & carrot meatballs OR Quorn sausage (v)



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