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This is the perfect deal for those who enjoy a pub classic dish. There's plenty of dishes for everyone to choose from with this deal. Whether you're in the mood for fish and chips, lasagne or a curry, you can be sure to find a dish for you.

Fish & Chip Dishes

Hand-battered fish & chips | Vegan fish-free fillets & chips | Battered halloumi & chips | Classic breaded wholetail scampi

Classic Dishes

5oz grilled gammon | Classic beef lasagne | Classic chicken New Yorker | Full breakfast | Macaroni cheese

Curry Dishes

Chicken tikka masala curry | Chickpea & sweet potato curry

Pie Dishes

Steak & ale pie | Chicken & roasted mushroom pie

Small Yummy Meal (up to 8 years)


Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Deep dish pizza

Tomato Pasta

Pasta tubes in tomato sauce


Large Yummy Meal (Perfect for over 8's)


Build Your Own Pasta

Pasta tubes, tomato sauce, peas and grated cheese for you to mix your own way! Served with 2 garlic ciabatta fingers

DIY Wrapper

Veggie sticks, grated cheese, lettuce, tomato dip and sour cream served with soft flour tortillas and your choice of: Slices of chicken fillet or QuornTM sausages

Pick 'n' Mix

Step 1. Choose a small or large main

Step 2. Choose your sunny side from: mini jacket spud, 4 garlic ciabatta fingers, fries, rice or mash

Step 3. Choose one veggie from: baked beans, mini corn on the cob, peas, carrots or crunchy veggie sticks

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