Your guide to Hungry Horse pubs with beer gardens

Your guide to Hungry Horse pubs with beer gardens

When the sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds, it can mean only one thing…It's beer garden season. Time for laughs with friends and family in the fresh air, tasty food and drink in hand.

We Brits love a good beer garden, and who can blame us? They’re way more than just somewhere to grab a pint. They’re a place to get together, to chat and have fun. Pubs with beer gardens are priceless – so why not find out more about them and where they came from?

What is a beer garden?

Beer gardens are the ultimate social spot for the summer. They’re the place to kick back with your mates, family – and your dog too. They’re welcoming spaces that allow us to chill out and enjoy a tasty tipple in the fresh air outside the pub. Here, we can catch up, make memories and soak up the sun.

And it’s not just about the beer. Despite their name, loads of beer gardens serve up delicious meals and snacks, alongside a range of refreshing drinks. From fruity cocktails to a chilled glass of wine or iced coffee.

Why do they call it a beer garden?

Let’s take a step back in time. To 19th-century Germany, to be exact – where the story behind our beloved beer gardens began. Back then, brewers in Munich faced a challenge during summer. How could they keep their beer cool? Their solution was to store their barrels in large cellars under the ground.

To keep the cellars even cooler, they planted trees and greenery on top for extra shelter. Soon after, they began inviting locals to enjoy their brews at outdoor tables in these gardens. And just like that, the beer garden was born.

What is the biggest beer garden in the world?

The Hirschgarten in Munich is the biggest beer garden in the world. There’s space for 8,000 people to enjoy classic German food and drink, shaded by huge chestnut trees, Deer graze nearby, and the garden is surrounded by green fields.

The area’s popular among locals who love to play sports or sunbathe. As well as drink beer, of course! For kids, there’s a carousel, sweet stand and even a petting zoo. You’re allowed to take your own food with you, but you have to buy a drink at the bar. And in keeping with tradition, you have to wash your beer mug yourself when you leave. Imagine that!

What is a traditional beer garden?

Beer gardens are a place to escape the hustle and bustle. So first up, we need a great view. When getting away from the stress of daily life, a beer is good. A beer looking out onto rivers, lakes or even mountains? Epic.

Traditional beer gardens were part of lovely old pubs, brimming with history, cosy, warm and snug. The garden itself typically has a very even lawn and the grass is kept short for stumble-free strolls with drinks in hand. You can safely rest a glass, but it’s still comfy to sit on.

It doesn’t all need to be perfectly manicured though. A good beer garden will be full of life, flowers and greenery. You’re not just looking out onto nature, you're a part of it.

Things to look for in a beer garden near you

Not all beer gardens are created equal. There are great beer gardens and then there are gardens to sit and have a drink in. Here’s what we think you should look out for in a beer garden near you. 

Outdoor dining

Whether you’ve got your eye on a burger or some sharing plates to plonk down in the middle of your table, a food menu packed with choice is definitely something to keep an eye out for. Along with family-friendly kids’ menus so your little ones are looked after too.

The outdoor bar

No beer garden is complete without a range of refreshing drinks. From traditional pints to mouthwatering cocktails, you should be spoilt for choice. Even better if the pub has a special summer drinks selection and an outdoor bar you can order from.

Al-fresco entertainment

Whether it’s outdoor screens to watch live sports or live music, lots of things can make a beer garden pop. Sip a beer with the lads and watch the footy or catch up with mum over a cocktail while listening to some tunes.

Outdoor heaters

Even the warmest summer day in the UK can turn a little chilly when the sun goes down. Beer gardens with outdoor heaters will have you toasty again at the click of a button.

Five of our favourite beer gardens

Here are five pubs that we think have some of the best beer gardens. Have a look and see what you think.


The Rosewood, Somerset

A cracking place to grab a bite to eat, the Rosewood‘s menu is full of tasty treats to enjoy in the sun. From breakfast deals to delicious summer drinks, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.


The Hornet, Greater manchester

Great meals, great deals. The Hornet is the ideal place to bring your family, kick back and relax. There’s a huge range of choice on the menu and some cool places nearby to explore, like the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and Burrs Activity Centre.


The New Inn, Gwent

Tasty food at an even tastier price, the New Inn is the perfect stop for your family trip. Get the fam fed, then let the kids burn off all their energy in the Wacky Warehouse play area!

exterior beer garden

The Foxglove, North Yorkshire

You'll leave the Foxglove feeling chilled out, smiley and satisfied. Looking for a drink in the idyllic beer garden? Whether it’s a pint with your pals, a cocktail with your partner or a family meal, we've got you covered.


The Wrekin Giant, Shropshire

A waterside pub with a beer garden that’s just as cool as its name suggests. The Wrekin Giant is close to so many fun family activities like Hoo Farm, TenPin Telford and the Ironbridge Gorge Museum.

How to make your own beer garden

Maybe this summer is the time to fulfil that home beer garden dream of yours. You have our full support. We’ve even got a list of tips sorted for you to get your drinks and outdoor dining on point.

Find the perfect spot

Has to be level, steady and safe. Pubs usually have a patio that’s paved or covered in gravel. If grass is all you have, keep it nice and short.

Seating and tables

Comfort and community are key. Seating has to be able to hold up in our often rainy British summer. High top tables can look fancy. If you prefer a rustic, country beer garden vibe, solid wood tables are perfect.


Warm or cool, dim or bright – lights can really switch up the atmosphere. Whether you’re going for cosy and chilled or outdoor party time, the lighting you use plays a big part. String lights, old christmas lights and lanterns, all have a place in your home beer garden. Solar powered ones are super handy.

Food and drink

This is crucial, the last thing anyone wants is to be dashing off back inside for more drinks when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Consider having a bucket of ice or cool box outside to keep drinks cold. Food can be simple snacks like crisps, but homemade dips and finger food would be a tasty addition. Better still if you fire up the barbie.


Explore beer gardens near you

Get yourself and the family down to a beer garden this summer. Relax into comfy outdoor seating, good food and great company. Ready to discover pubs with beer gardens near you? Explore our selection now!