Communi-Tea Cuppas

At Hungry Horse we like to make everyone feel welcome, which is why we've teamed up with Yorkshire Tea to bring you Communi-Tea Cuppa events across all of our locations, where you can enjoy a free hot drink, whilst making new friends and a chat over a cuppa.


the big lunch

10th june

This year we've decided to tie this in with the community event - The Big Lunch - which is the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours and communities, where millions of people come together for a few hours of friendship, food and fun. The event aims to connect people and encourage friendlier, safer communities.

Come along to Hungry Horse on 10th June for our open invitation to The Big Lunch and meet new people in a fun and friendly environment. No booking is required, just pop along to your local Hungry Horse, tell them you're there for the Communi-Tea event and you'll receive a free drink served with a slice of good company!

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