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Frequently asked questions

How do I find my nearest pub?

You can search for your nearest Hungry Horse by using our Pub Finder.

I forgot to get my Gold Card points added when I was at the pub - how can I get them added?

Please send proof of purchase together with a note of your Gold Card number to -

Hungry Horse Gold Card,

GI Insight,

147 Scudamore Road,




I have lost my Gold Card, how do I get a replacement?

Call this number to report your card lost or stolen and order a replacement - 0844 556 5470

Where can I get a Loyalty Card?

You can pick up a Gold Card at your local participating Hungry Horse. Please click here to see a list of participating pubs.

How do I give feedback about a recent visit?

We'd like to hear about your experience, whether good or bad, so please visit our Hungry for Feedback page.

Do you allow the use of electronic cigarettes inside your pubs?

Our e-Cigarette policy is as follows: An electronic cigarette is an electrical device which simulates the act of tobacco smoking. Due to their similarity in appearance to tobacco based product and the confusion and potential upset their use may cause to non-smoking customers, Hungry Horse has decided that use of electronic cigarettes will be prohibited under all circumstances inside our locations. However, all Hungry Horse pubs have designated smoking areas outside.

Do you serve Halal meat in your meals?

Some of our chicken products are certified as Halal. However, we do not buy them because they are halal, but because the production facility we purchase them from is certified halal. The packaging that the product comes in carries the appropriate symbol. All our suppliers must comply with current EU legislation and best practice regarding animal welfare, which includes stunning before slaughter.

What is your underage drinking policy?

Due to the UK’s strict licensing laws, Greene King as a company operates a proof of age scheme and track attempts by underage drinkers to order alcoholic drinks. Customers are not served alcohol without their current forms of ID and as a responsible retailer we are extremely strict on identifying underage drinkers. Our company policy is that the only acceptable forms of ID are a valid UK passport or a valid full UK driving licence. All House Managers and their staff have been instructed to check ID of all customers purchasing alcohol who appear to be under the age of 21 years old. If there is any doubt about the age of the customer, or the customer does not produce ID when requested, our staff have the right to refuse service and may ask the customer to leave the premises.

What counts as a successful referral?

A successful referral occurs when your referred friend signs up via the link that is sent to them. A successful referral will not be logged if they do not sign up via the link sent to them.

How do I find my nearest pub?

You can search for your nearest Hungry Horse by using our Pub Finder.

Where can I find out about deals and vouchers?

For all our latest deals and offers, please visit the Big Deals page. You can also sign up and like us on Facebook to get all our latest offers first.

Would you be able to supply a charity donation?

We support Macmillan around the country each year and raised over £1 million last year. For other local initiatives or support please contact your local Hungry Horse.

How do we book a table/make a reservation?

Booking policies differ from pub to pub so please contact your local Hungry Horse.

How can I find out more about children's parties?

We do children's parties at selected Hungry Horse pubs. Please contact your local for more information.

What times are children welcome into the pub?

This varies from pub to pub so please contact your local Hungry Horse.

How do we pay deposits? e.g. Christmas Dinner?

Pop in to your local pub and deposit it with a member of the management team.

When do Christmas menus arrive?

Our Christmas menus will be up on the website at some point in August.

Where can I buy a Gift Card?

You can pick up a gift card in your local Hungry Horse. Alternatively, you can buy them online here.

Do you do special events? e.g. Halloween.

We run loads of events throughout the year, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page and news & events section for more information. Alternatively, get in touch with your local Hungry Horse to find out more.

What time do you stop serving food?

Our serving times vary from pub to pub, so please click here to choose your local and view their hours. Please note that each pub will have slightly different Food Service times, Breakfast times and opening hours.

What time do you serve breakfast from and until?

This varies from pub to pub so please contact your local Hungry Horse to find out their hours.

How do I book a function room?

Not all Hungry Horses have function rooms but please contact your local Hungry Horse and they'll be able to help you.

There's a new Hungry Horse opening near me, how do I apply?

If you're interested in working at a Hungry Horse pub, please click here to visit our careers website.

Where can I find menu prices?

You can find the different menu prices here or through your local Hungry Horse in the pub finder.

Do vouchers need to be printed off?

You can bring in a print-out of the email or present it on the screen of a smart device.

Do you allow breastfeeding in your pubs?

We want our customers to feel welcome when they visit a Hungry Horse pub. Many of our customers are families with young children, and we want them to feel comfortable with us and enjoy time well spent.

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, we do allow women to breastfeed in our pubs.

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